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Stucco is an outstanding way of protecting the exterior of your property while also making it pop. Whether you are looking for new stucco installation or want to keep your existing walls in top condition, Lambton Stucco Limited has you covered.

Our comprehensive approach to our work means that you never have to shop around for multiple stucco companies—we do it all. We make sure that every job we complete is up to our high standards and will give you an eye-catching property for years to come.

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Top-Rated Stucco Installation From Lambton Stucco Limited

If you are looking for an exterior finish that is low-maintenance and durable while still adding character to your property, then stucco construction might be the option for you. We are experienced with installation on both residential and commercial properties, and we can even apply it over existing siding materials such as masonry or wood.

Stucco has been used in construction for centuries, and the properties that made it popular in the past are no less true today. The benefits of stucco can be felt in both the short and long term.

Quick installation and charming aesthetics will make you happy at the end of our job, and the durability and ease of upkeep will keep enforcing that you made the right choice. 

Stucco Repair Contractors

We have already highlighted the durable properties of stucco walls, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some care once in a while. The outside of your home takes a beating over time, and while stucco will prove to be a great line of defense, it can sometimes begin to crack or show signs of wear.

When that time comes, our stucco contractors are the team you want to contact. We will get your exterior back to a solid, uniform surface that will stand strong for many years. 

Valuable Stucco Maintenance

Modern stucco’s mixture of cement, sand, and lime creates a material that is extremely durable and requires little upkeep. That being said, with some occasional maintenance, you can help keep your property looking its best and extend the life of your stucco surfaces. We recommend getting your exterior walls checked at least once a year to make sure they are doing their job properly.

Our stucco contractors will inspect your walls for any holes or cracks, and then give it a thorough cleaning to bring some life back to the walls. 

Experienced and Friendly Stucco Contractors 

Over our time in business, we have had the pleasure of creating many loyal customers who trust us for all of their stucco repairs and maintenance. We are happy to take on jobs of all sizes, and we always strive for total client satisfaction.

If there is any way that we could serve you better, we encourage you to let us know. 

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