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Lambton Stucco Limited specializes in all things wall finishing for interior and exterior spaces, including stucco installation. Stucco is an excellent wall finishing choice for homes and businesses alike, and if you want it installed seamlessly, you need to contact the experts at Lambton Stucco Limited.

We are proud to deliver our London clients services that are fast, affordable, and flawless.

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Stucco Solutions

Our reputation for delivering the best stucco solutions is anchored in our meticulous craftsmanship, innovative techniques, and unparalleled commitment to your satisfaction. By seamlessly integrating traditional methods with cutting-edge advancements, we ensure streamlined installations that stand the test of time.

Our team's unwavering dedication, coupled with our full suite of installation services, positions us a step ahead, making us the region's first choice for installing stucco on properties of all shapes and sizes.

Our Stucco Contractors Make Installations Look Easy

Our stucco contractors are true experts in the field, boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of stucco installation and application. Our deep understanding of stucco materials, techniques, and best practices allows our team to execute every project to perfection.

With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled team ensures that each stucco application is flawlessly smooth, creating a visually appealing and durable finish.

Traditional Stucco Installation for a Timeless Look

Traditional stucco has been used for centuries, offering a timeless and classic look that is still popular today. Our installation involves applying multiple coats of cement-based stucco to achieve the desired texture and appearance. This traditional method allows for intricate design details and customization to match your home’s architecture or personal style.

Our professionals ensure precise application and a smooth finish. We also take extra precautions to prevent water intrusion, which can cause damage to traditional stucco over time.

Synthetic Stucco Installation for Modern Durability

In recent years, synthetic stucco has become a popular alternative due to its increased durability and lower maintenance requirements. This type of stucco is made from foam insulation covered with layers of synthetic materials, creating a weather-resistant and long-lasting siding option.

Our team is highly experienced in installing synthetic stucco, ensuring a seamless and secure finish that can withstand harsh weather conditions. We also provide regular maintenance services to keep your synthetic stucco looking new for years.

Exterior Stucco Replacement for Enhanced Curb Appeal

If your current exterior stucco shows signs of wear and tear, or you simply want to update the look of your home, our team can handle all your stucco replacement needs. We carefully remove the old stucco, repair any underlying damage, and install new stucco using our expert techniques.

By choosing us for your exterior stucco replacement, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal and give it a fresh, updated look.

Our Stucco Installation Process

Installing stucco involves a multi-step process that requires skill, precision, and an understanding of the material’s unique properties. Our team utilizes industry-leading techniques to ensure a high-quality and durable finish.

Preparation for Stucco Installation

The first step in the process is preparing the surface. This involves cleaning the wall to remove dust or debris and installing a waterproof barrier to protect the underlying structure. Then, we apply a metal lath, a type of mesh that helps the stucco adhere to the wall.

Applying the Stucco

Stucco application involves three coats: the scratch coat, the brown coat, and the finish coat. Each layer is applied carefully with a trowel, with sufficient drying time in between. The scratch coat provides a strong base, the brown coat smoothens the surface, and the finish coat gives the stucco its desired texture and color.

Finishing and Curing Stucco

The last step is finishing and curing the stucco. After the final coat, we apply the desired texture. Then, the stucco must be kept moist and cured for several days to ensure it hardens properly and achieves maximum durability. We monitor this process closely to ensure optimal results.

Traditional and Synthetic Stucco for All Projects

We're experienced in working with both traditional and synthetic stucco, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. With traditional stucco, we employ time-tested techniques to create a classic and elegant finish, while with synthetic stucco, we offer modern solutions that provide added insulation and versatility.

Our expertise in both types of stucco ensures that we can tailor our approach to meet the specific requirements of any stucco application project, delivering exceptional results every time.

The many types of stucco projects we undertake include:

Residential Stucco Applications

We provide stucco installation and repair services for various residential properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums.

Commercial Stucco Projects

Our team is equipped to handle stucco applications for commercial buildings, including offices, retail spaces, and industrial facilities.

Exterior Renovations

We offer stucco services for exterior renovation projects, transforming the appearance and enhancing the value of older properties.

New Construction

Our stucco contractors are proficient in providing stucco solutions for new construction projects, ensuring a durable and visually appealing exterior finish.

Stucco Repair and Restoration

We excel in stucco repair and restoration, addressing issues like cracks, water damage, and color fading to restore the stucco's original beauty.

Stucco Finishes for Architectural Elements

Our expertise extends to stucco finishes for architectural elements, such as window trims, columns, and decorative moldings.

Multi-Family Residential Stucco Projects

We undertake stucco applications for multi-family residential building projects, offering a consistent and aesthetically pleasing exterior finish.

Stucco Over Siding

We provide stucco over siding services, transforming outdated siding into a durable and attractive stucco finish.

Receive Excellent Service from Lambton Stucco Limited's Stucco Contractors

Our talented team of stucco contractors is more than capable of tackling big or complicated stucco projects. We always prioritize thorough surface preparation, ensuring a clean, stable base to allow the stucco adheres seamlessly and lasts for years-but that's not all we prioritize.

Our stucco company offers exceptional customer service at every turn, ensuring you get the service you deserve. Look to us when you want any of the following:

  • Quick turnarounds on stucco applications
  • Up-front estimates for all services
  • Customized solutions
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured professionals on site
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • ...and so much more

London's Best Stucco Installation Contractors

With our passion for stucco and dedication to excellence, our contractors ensure that each project reflects the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. Whether it's a residential property or a commercial building, our commitment to perfection ensures that our clients receive stucco finishes that not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

Discover the Benefits of Lambton Stucco Limited’s Stucco Wall Construction

Stucco is a wall finishing material that has been used for hundreds of years. Besides being a stylish choice for houses and business fronts, it hosts a variety of practical benefits that should not be overlooked. Let’s explore just a few:

  • It is a durable finishing material
  • It can be pigmented in various colors
  • It is resistant to mold
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is highly affordable
  • It can be applied on top of brick, concrete, wood and steel frames

To learn more about how stucco is used, don’t hesitate to reach our experts.

Residential Stucco Construction

Over the years, stucco has become an increasingly popular choice for exterior wall finishing. It can be applied over various foundations and is stylistically versatile as it can be tinted and textured.

Homeowners love that stucco siding gives their home a tight seal against the weather. Stucco is used for exterior siding and on the inside of many homes, adorning fireplaces, adding a textured effect to accent walls, and so much more!

When you trust us to install stucco on your residential property, you can rest assured that the application will be completed quickly and efficiently. We will protect your floors and furniture with tarps and ensure a thorough cleanup when the job is complete.

Stucco Siding Installation

Our stucco siding installations offer a range of benefits designed to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your property. This protective material provides a durable and resilient surface that withstands various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection. Its natural resistance to fire adds an extra layer of safety to your structure.

Stucco's versatility in design allows for a wide range of textures and colors to match your preferences. Energy efficiency is also enhanced when you choose stucco siding because it acts as a natural insulator, keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Partnering with us guarantees expert craftsmanship and an investment in a siding solution that marries beauty with robust performance. Learn more about what sets us apart from other stucco companies during a risk-free initial consultation-call our team today to book yours.

Stucco Color Options

When you collaborate with our licensed installers, the spectrum of stucco color options unfurls before you, promising a tailor-made facade that resonates with your vision. We take pride in offering a rich palette, ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant hues. Our team remains updated with the latest trends and can provide guidance on color combinations that amplify curb appeal.

When you're seeking a truly unique touch, our custom color-matching service allows for personalized shades that mirror individual preferences. Whether you envision a contemporary monochrome or a rustic earthen tone, our extensive color repertoire guarantees a harmonious blend of durability and design, crafting facades that truly stand out for all the right reasons.

Stucco Finish Types

Exterior stucco finishes are renowned for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Some of the most popular stucco finish types include:

  • Sand or float finish: This finish offers a sandy texture achieved using a sponge, float, or brush to create small, regular undulations.
  • Dash finish: This finishing texture presents a rough, heavily textured surface. Additional stucco is sprayed onto the surface with a fine, medium, or heavy texture to achieve this.
  • Lace finish: This stucco finish features a pattern that resembles lace. It's applied by "skipping" stucco across the surface and then knocking it down in specific areas.
  • Smooth finish: The smooth or "Santa Barbara" finish offers a soft, sleek look. Its application involves skilled troweling to create a uniform, velvety surface.
  • English cottage finish: This finishing style mimics the appearance of a traditional English cottage. It's implemented with heavy textures and an asymmetric pattern.

Do you have a specific finish type in mind? Speak to our certified stucco specialists to learn more about the techniques we'll use to breathe life into your goals. Contact us today to schedule an obligation-free initial consultation.

Stucco Application for Commercial Properties

If you are looking to give your business a fresh new look, investing in stucco is a fantastic choice. Business owners love that stucco is an affordable wall finishing option that packs a punch, and with the skillful application of our contractors, your clients are sure to be impressed.

Our team is happy to accommodate the needs of unique businesses. We can work around your office hours and deliver you custom care on a convenient schedule.

Affordable Stucco Installation

At Lambton Stucco Limited, we work hard to keep our rates affordable while delivering exceptional results on our stucco installations. We’re an honest company that believes the best way to do business is to treat our customers fairly and openly. That’s why we offer free estimates on our services and provide transparent financial breakdowns of our labor and material costs.

When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about your stucco project becoming a money pit—we work hard to adhere to your budget and go above and beyond to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. We’re one of London’s top stucco installation services, and we’re confident our team will be able to satisfy your needs.

Factors Influencing Stucco Cost

The cost of stucco installation varies based on several factors, including:

  • The size of the area to be covered
  • The type of stucco finish desired
  • The condition of the surface where stucco will be applied
  • The location of your property

To get an accurate estimate for your specific project, we’ll assess these factors and provide a detailed breakdown of the expected costs.

Experienced Stucco Contractors

When it comes to stucco installation, it’s essential to work with a service provider who understands your needs and appreciates what it takes to deliver quality results that last. There’s a reason why we’re London’s premier stucco installation service—we have the experience and expertise to handle jobs of all sizes with the same level of accuracy.

Our team uses top-of-the-line materials and tried and tested techniques to guarantee the quality of their work and ensure our stucco satisfies your expectations. We’ve also developed a streamlined process to help maximize the efficiency and quality of our installations.

When you hire our team, you can expect to receive the following:

  • No-risk consultations
  • Honest price estimates
  • Efficient project turnarounds
  • Installations completed to code
  • Thorough safety inspections
  • Stucco that stands the test of time
  • Friendly customer service
  • …and more!

Customizable Stucco Installations

When you partner with our experienced technicians for your next stucco installation, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to your exact specifications.

Stucco is a highly durable material that requires careful and attentive installation. Our technicians provide customizable installations for residential and commercial properties and take a detail-oriented approach to every application.

Whether you’re looking to invest in stucco for its insulation properties or visual appeal, our team will go the extra mile to ensure your installation goes smoothly. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the area’s top stucco services, and we’ll work even harder to earn your business with customized results to meet your specifications.

The Friendly Stucco Company

If you’re looking to work with a stucco company that goes above and beyond for its customers, look no further than the experts at Lambton Stucco Limited. We believe that good business is about more than just turning a profit—we build relationships with our clients and always follow up with our clients to ensure our work is satisfactory.

From our experienced service representatives to our licensed technicians, we ensure our team is dedicated to supporting our clients. We provide honest, communicative customer service and are accountable to our clients.

From your first consultation, our team will listen to you and work hard to meet your needs. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we’re confident that our talented techs and supportive service reps will be able to achieve it.

Trust Expert Stucco Contractors

Do-it-yourself options are minimal when it comes to stucco application. It is necessary to trust the qualifications and expert tools of stucco contractors—and you’ll be glad you chose us.

Our skillful application techniques have developed over the years of working with this unique substance. We understand how stucco responds to being placed over different materials, and we will choose the best application approach depending on the walls in your home or business.

Work With London’s Premier Stucco Company Now

With years of experience applying stucco in commercial and residential settings, we are proud to have become one of the most trusted stucco companies in the area.

Whether you are looking to re-side your home or add an accent wall in your commercial building, you can discuss your upcoming project with our experts when you call us now!